As you’d expect, there are differing opinions in the comments on following Pete Hoekstra’s fund-raising letter.Here are a few of our favorites:

” ‘Not on my watch,’ says this Peter. But it was on your watch just as the last one was on your watch. Be afraid, be very afraid.”

“Hoekstra’s pornographic attempt to turn this into a political opportunity is nothing more or less than par for the course, exactly the same campaign tactics we’ve seen from the entire right and a substantial portion of the left since 9-11.

It’s almost enough to make you wonder who’s doing the real terrorizing around here.”

“I have rarely been more disgusted and appalled with a politician’s conduct than I am regarding Pete Hoekstra’s testosterone-laden idiotic diatribe. Thankfully, the more he says and does, the more foolish he appears. I believe the intelligent Michigan electorate will soon realize what a buffoon he really is and will consider him a ridiculous, dangerous option for any office.”

“Dear Pete,
Name calling is not tolerated at school, at home or from governmental offices – it makes the person who is calling names look weak and incredibly stupid. As a former supporter of yours, I’m embarrassed to have ever campaigned for you. How dare you take a near tragedy and try to turn it into a fund-raising effort for yourself! Seriously, what have YOU done to protect us from evil minded terrorists?”

“So Pete claims that for nearly 10 years he’s been at the forefront on the “terror war”. It’s nice he admits it, because he and the Bush administration had all that time to completely smash and dismantle the terrorist networks, and they were miserable failures. Just like their miserable failures on the economy and with the aftermath of Katrina. The American people recognized the utter incompetence of the Republicans when they put the House, the Senate, and the presidency all under Democratic control.”

“Two term Pete claims almost ten years experience in National Security. Obama has some 10 months.

So who is the real one to blame if the current national security system is not yet perfected? The new kid on the block, or the person who given recent incidents has been part of an inept solution? Why does Pete blame others for a security solution that he as Chairman of the Committee was instrumental in creating?

This is make me want to puke politics in the highest form. Blame the other guy for something you yourself created.

Low, low, very low.”

“Pete’s new fear for cash campaign. Using the usual republican fear mongering to raise money. Amazing. And he’s going to do what, as governor, to stop someone from flying into Michigan? And by the way, we could have used those jobs guarding the gitmo POWs. What a grandstanding clown.”

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