Here’s a letter sent by Pete Hoekstra’s Republican Gubernatorial opponent, Rick Snyder, following Pete’s reprehensible fundraising letter following the failed terrorist attempt aboard Northwest Flight #253…

Dear Friends,

I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season.  We were all reminded of the dangers of the world we live in on Christmas Day as we watched the nearly catastrophic events unfold on Flight 253.  Thankfully, due to the bravery of common citizens in the face of terrorism, a tragedy was prevented.

As our country begins to learn more about how the incident occurred and solve the problems that led to the unacceptable breach of security, it is another opportunity for our nation to unite around our struggle against extremist forces and terrorist groups like Al Qaeda.

Sadly, a professional politician has blatantly attempted to use the failed terrorist attack as a vehicle for political gain.  Congressman Pete Hoekstra sent out a fundraising solicitation just three days after the failed attack that cited the attack as a reason for citizens like you to contribute to his campaign.  You can read his full email here.  Not only is he going to raise money from those who are voluntarily contributing based on this email, but he’ll also take your tax dollars as matching funds for much of what he raises.

When my campaign pointed out how disappointing it is to see one of our Congressman play Washington style politics with a potentially tragic incident, the Congressman’s campaign refused to apologize for the email and instead attacked me.   Congressman Hoekstra should know better and his lack of leadership on this issue doesn’t speak well of how he would lead in Lansing.

The next Governor of Michigan needs to be elected by presenting innovative solutions for our state’s problems that will allow for more and better jobs and economic recovery – not by playing on people’s fears.

Democrats are already seizing on Congressman Hoekstra’s poor judgment. His unfortunate display of political ambition is beginning to harm the reputation of the Republican party.  If you feel as strongly as I do that Congressman Hoekstra crossed the line by using terrorism as a fundraising tool, then please join me in calling for him to apologize and encourage him to give the money raised back to the citizens or to a charity for military families.  Michigan voters need to understand that Republicans are not all willing to use terrorism to raise money over the holidays.

I encourage you to join us or contact him via twitter.  Tell him you’re saddened by his self-motivated fundraising email and ask him to give the money back or to charity.  Let’s show the rest of our state and nation that his actions don’t represent our views.

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