A fairly uneventful THIS WEEK until near the end, Terry Moran, sitting in for George Stephanopoulous, said to Pete Hoekstra:

“Once upon a time, there was a tradition of solidarity and refraining from criticizing the President at the time the nation was under attack. .. Three days after this attempt to kill 300 people over the skies of Detroit, you sent out a fundraising letter.

“Given that tradition that once was part of this country are you proud of that — of fund-raising off a national crisis like that?”

To no one’s surprise, Pete avoided answering the question. Read more about it here.

Remember when Republicans labeled Democrats as “unpatriotic” for taking Bush to task over his handling of Iraq? But Pete’s a “patriot” for speaking out against Obama now…..

Pete’s finger-pointing at the Obama administratin is nothing short of grandstanding, and his efforts to fundraise off the backs of the terror plot are reprehensible.

We, at PeteHoekstra.com, have some questions as whether or not the Congressman has the ability to feel “shame”, but these recent actions certainly are shameful!

Michigan can, and must, do better!

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