This is from the ABC affiliate in Grand Rapids (MI).

Look at the spin, spin, spin!

“This is part of what certain campaigns do now adays,” Congressman Hoekstra begins by saying to WZZM. Wrong. We are not associated with any campaign, party or organization. We are purely concerned citizens who care about the State of Michigan and the dangerous, divisive direction Hoekstra has been taking the country. We have had enough.

Congressman Hoekstra: “We went out and registered a number of campaign sites. To believe that we could go out and register ever every potential campaign site that might in some way be affiliated or pop up when someone typed in my name, uhhhhh, is, uhhhh, ya know, what people do in this new Internet world.” How about just a shred of intellectual honesty here, Pete. YOU FORGOT TO RESERVE PETEHOEKSTRA.COM! This isn’t just any domain or “campaign site”. It’s your own name for Pete’s sake. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) You attack the Obama administration and any Democratic Party idea or plan solely based on partisanship and you can’t do something as simple as RESERVING YOUR OWN .com domain name?!

Here’s the bottom line: If you fail at something so simple, Congressman, how on earth can Americans trust you as a ranking member of the Intelligence Committee or in the Michigan Governor’s seat?

The Congressman goes on with some rambling about “another friend of mine who’s running for Congress in another state”, who had been pranked on a site that appeared to be campaign-related but instead was  “absolutely bashing this guy”. We’re not buying the story about Pete’s “friend”, but even if there’s a grain of truth, we highly doubt the prank site was!

Congressman Hoekstra: “It’s the new world of information,” Hoekstra says, as the interview wraps up. “And what you know is that people will go through that process and I’ve got confidence in the voting public that they’ll see through that stuff.” We have confidence in the voters of Michigan as well, Pete. Don’t get your hopes up on winning the Gubernatorial election!

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