There has been a flood of media interest in today. One journalist asked us a question we found to be partiuclarly thought-provoking: “Why are you doing this?”

We’re going to respond over a series of posts.

Believe it or not, our motives are purely altruisitc.

First and foremost, we believe the Internet will change the political landscape tremendously in the coming years, enabling voices of under-represented groups and grass-roots efforts to play with the big boys.

We are taking Pete Hoekstra to task because we are from Michigan and see him as a glaring example of everything wrong with politics. He truly is “dangerous, polarizing, and bad for Michigan.” The state needs the optimism that a fresh perspective brings. And Michigan needs someone who can help all Michiganders, not just “Red” ones. Ultimately, his divisive style would be worse than where we are today….and things are obviously pretty bad!

The power of incumbency makes it very difficult for outsiders to break in and shape Washington. That’s why everything is such a mess. It isn’t just George Bush or Barack Obama. Pete Hoekstra or Nancy Pelosi. Mitch McConnell or Harry Reid. The problem is the system. And without fresh blood, it only gets worse.

So, hopefully we can be a force of true change in politics — not the tug-at-the-heartstrings stuff Obama talks about, but real, legitimate government that makes the US a better place to live.

Thank you all for helping us spread the word about our efforts!

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