There are lots of places you can reserve a domain name online. One of the most commonly known domain registrars is GoDaddy. You know, the guys with the racy Super Bowl commercials every year….

I can tell you that the domain has been available for as long as I can remember. As an Internet entrepreneur, I follow these sorts of things.

One way to check is a really neat service called the “Wayback Machine” @ You can plug in a domain name and the Internet Archive brings up pages from the websites that it’s stored from the past.

For example, my own company domain,, has coverage in the archive dating back to 1998 — long before I acquired the domain out of bankruptcy in 2001., Pete’s campaign site for Congress (which now automatically forwards to his Gubernatorial campaign site, has pages archived dating back to 2000.

However there are “no matches” found when searching the archive of

I did some deeper searching in Google and found the domain listed “for sale” in May ’08. When that owner failed to renew his registration (again, it’s about $10/year), became available for anyone to purchase.

So we appear to have caught Congressman Hoeskstra and/or his spokesman John Truscott in a bit of a sticky situation. They claim they have “been trying to get ( for years”, yet it was listed for sale in May ’08 and publicly available for less than $10 on December 30, 2009 when I grabbed it myself.

Happy 1 week anniversary,!

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