I was just interviewed by Rachel Sladja of Talking Points Memo who wanted to follow-up on her story from yesterday. I’ll post a link to the new article when it comes out. (UPDATE 1/7/10 @ 8:56 EST: An email received from Ms. Sladja stated: “I was going to do a story about Hoekstra’s people claiming Snyder’s people were behind the site, but my editors vetoed it. C’est la vie.”)

Apparently, the Hoekstra team is now saying that I am doing this to help Rick Snyder’s campaign. Sladja said a Hoekstra spokesman thinks Snyder’s campaign is “feeding us information”. And there’s more: Somehow that my father, Jeff Padnos, is involved in this effort.

“100% absolutely positively NOT TRUE,” I told Ms. Sladja. Here are the facts: My Dad heard about this the same way many of you did — someone forwarded him an article about it. He shot me a quick email and I replied, “Sorry to blind-side you with this.” His response was something along the lines of, “There are 435 Congressional Districts in the US. Why do you have to choose this one?” My response was, “Well, this is the one I know best.” Even though I’ve been in Southern California for 15 years, I follow what’s happening in Western Michigan closely and get home several times a year. I remember Hoekstra’s first campaign in 1992 and I’ve met him on a couple of occasions…

Ultimately, given everything that’s going on in the state, I think Michigan needs a leader with serious firepower. So, this is my little contribution. It’s being done purely in the spirit of what I think is best for my home state. I’ve explained this in deep detail here, here, and here.

As I have said, we are not affiliated with any candidate, organization or political party. I am a registered Independent who leans Libertarian. This is 100% a personal effort related to Pete Hoekstra, and Pete Hoekstra alone. The only thing I know about Rick Synder is that he is from Ann Arbor, was the President of Gateway Computer at some point in the past, and was smart enough to reserve RickSnyder.com a long time ago. The registration dates back to 2003, in fact.

Now, a bigger issue here is bubbling up. Not only did the Congressman fail to reserve his own .com name, he’s being dishonest about his own efforts to secure it. And on top of that, he’s pointing fingers at Rick Snyder and my Dad, both of whom have absolutely have nothing to do with this.

This is how Pete Hoekstra conducts his business in Washington, and it’s how things will be if he were elected Governor.

Why couldn’t Hoekstra have simply said, “You know what, we dropped the ball. We should have reserved the name and we learned a valuable lesson.” People would understand that he’s got a lot on his plate. But instead, he just spins and spins and spins, pointing fingers without regard to the facts. Just as he did in his offensive campaign letter last week.

On a personal note, I don’t want any of my efforts to have any negative reflection on my family back home. I think the “Padnos” name is a pretty proud symbol in Western Michigan of what’s great about this country, the American Dream, and that you can “do well, while doing good”.

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