Pete Hoeskstra originally went to Washington with an idealistic agenda — I graduated from Holland High School in 1992 and remember his upset of Guy VanderJagt in the Primary.

He pledged to serve 6 terms in Washington — he’s now serving in his 9th — and over the years his style and tone has become increasingly polarizing.

Today’s political environment is as partisan as ever, but Hoekstra takes this to the extreme. And that’s ultimately why I’m concerned about the possibility of Hoekstra in the Governor’s seat.

Here’s my thinking: Michigan has been a “blue state” in Presidential elections since 1992. And the Governor has been a Democrat since 2002. So, we’re generally considered “Blue”.

But this year, all bets are off! Governor Jennifer Granholm’s predecessor, John Engler, was a Republican, and with the tough economy, high unemployment and anti-incumbent sentiment, Michigan may go Red for the Governor’s seat in November.

A Republican Governor will have to work especially hard in a Blue-leaning state to be effective in spurring the economy, helping generate jobs, and restoring optimism. It’ll require true, bi-partisan collaboration.

So if we have someone so passionately partisan that he consistently blasts the President of the United States — remember when Republicans used to all that unpatriotic in the Bush era? — and attempts to fundraise off the back of a terrorist attempt, how can we possibly think he’ll work in a bi-partisan manner in leading the State of Michigan?

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