Below is a comment from a reader under the handle “it deserves to be said”. It was very well done!:

“I have read through all the comments on this website and find it interesting that there is personal defense but no political defense expressed here for Mr. Hoekstra when the purpose of this site is to openly talk about the politics of someone who has chosen to put themselves in the national spotlight. There are no recollections here of positive & political action for our district or our nation.

I wish I had recollections of someone who openly claims to being a man of God trying to stop the slaughter of 100,000 innocent Iraqi men, women & children.

I wish I had memories of someone with enough intelligence to realize he is being used by the President of the United States, a member of his own party, to carry out a personal vendetta with our tax dollars and in our name.

I wish I was talking about someone who understood that the Iraq War was about superiority not security. It dissappoints me to see that Americans are so desperate to be superior and preserve their cushioned way of life they are using a few terrorists to shadow the fact that everyone else in this world matters just as much as we do.

I try to stand in the middle & see the good points from both sides of the aisle but the Tea Party politics of ‘believe as I do or I will view you as a Nazi’ has hurt my feelings more than you can imagine and made me want to distance myself from that kind of politics.”

My sentiments exactly — and your handle “it deserves to be said” is apt!

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