I just sent a note to private email received at info@petehoekstra.com and I wanted to post some of the non-personal parts of the email with readers.

One of the key points I’d like to make is that apathy and cynicism often lead people to give up. They think the political system is broken, and that they can’t make a difference, so they stop paying attention. Then years go by and we find ourselves where we are today — the state of Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the country, and the US is just barely coming out of the worst economic period since the Great Depression. Debt levels are soaring. Real estate values have been killed.

So, I decided to do something about it, instead of just sitting back feeling frustrated. And because I know my way around the Internet a bit, I was able to create a platform to get my opinion out there a little more effectively than most. (It’s kind of ironic that the Hoekstra campaign’s attempt to deflect attention from their own shortcomings by connecting the “Padnos” name to the story only made it bigger in Western Michigan.)

I was perfectly happy remaining anonymous and talking about Hoekstra and the other candidates. I do think the state can do better, but I don’t know who yet.

My feeling is that like California, Michigan has two very distinct areas. CA has the super-Liberal “North” and, outside of Hollywood, a more Moderate-to-Conservative “South”. Michigan is Red on the West side and Blue on the East. And as bad as things are for “our” side of State (speaking as a Hollander), the Detroit problem is worse.

I don’t believe Pete Hoekstra has any “bi-partisanship” left in him. He’s just too burned by the Republican/Democratic wars over 18 years combined with probably some horrendous things he’s seen while on the Intelligence Cmte.

That is why I am speaking out.

If you come to a place where you decide he’s your guy, ultimately, we disagree. But that’s completely OK, and I appreciate you at least considering my position.

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