I wonder if Mike Cox has licensed the rights to use the Black Eyed Peas I GOTTA FEELING music in the video on the front page of his site. Gun to my head, I doubt it.

I am not an attorney, so I want to be careful about making accusations without all of the facts or legal understanding, but it would certainly be ironic if Michigan’s Attorney General was breaking copyright law!

Any attorneys out there are welcome to chime in…My understanding is that in a commercial message such as this, Cox would either need their permission and/or to pay royalties, or else he’s using it improperly. Definitely worth investigating further…


The legal issue here is related to “Fair Use”. A colleague was able to dig up this document related to Jackson Browne’s lawsuit against Republican Presidential candidate, Senator, John McCain, along with the Republican National Committee and the Ohio Republican Party for copyright infringement and other related claims.

Jackson Browne v. John McCain Order

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