As Congressman Pete Hoekstra continues his assault on Barack Obama and more specifically the President’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security & Counterterrorism, John Brennan, regarding the underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, we’re finding more evidence of Hoekstra’s hypocritical partisanship.

Put simply, Pete Hoekstra is criticizing Obama over the exact same policies he supported under President George W. Bush.

Par for the course.

Hoekstra is up in arms over the FBI “Mirandizing” Abdulmutallab — that is, reading him his Miranda rights — and about the government using the “civilian” court system rather than military courts to try the “alleged” terrorists. But as Mark Hosenball writes on, “Maybe it’s time to stop some of the name-calling over counterterrorism policy and start checking the facts.”

According to official US Justice Department records, since 2001, the Dept has “increased its capacity to investigate terrorism and has identified, disrupted, and dismantled terrorist cells operating in the United States. These efforts have resulted in the securing of 319 convictions or guilty pleas in terrorism or terrorism-related cases arising from investigations conducted primarily after September 11, 2001, and zero terrorist attacks on American soil by foreign nationals from 2003 through 2007. The Department has allocated new resources to the war on terror and in FY 2006 created the National Security Division to further improve our information sharing, coordination, and counterterrorism capacity.”

Basically, when you dig into the specifics, you find that the Obama administration is following the same protocol as Bush administration procedures.

Why was it OK then and wrong now, Pete?

More than ever, I passionately believe the Congressman is woefully unqualified for his senior role on the House Intelligence Committee — as well as for Michigan’s Governorship — and here we prove a clear issue of inconsistency and questionable integrity, on top of the fact that he blatantly disregards the United States Constitution.

Do us all a favor, Congressman: Stop the fear-mongering. The President and his administration want to keep Americans safe, just as President Bush did. Democrats and Republicans are BOTH anti-terrorism. There may be differences in opinion on specific tactics, but you only make the situation worse. This is an AMERICAN issue and not a political one. PLEASE….stop trying to score political points off of threats to our national security.

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