“Rich” from “across the pond” in the UK sent us the following note after landing on PeteHoekstra.com looking for videos of the famous soccer player with the same name….

Wow, I’m a Stoke City fan from the UK and I just stumbled upon this website looking up football videos – YOU SIR, ARE A BLOODY LEGEND! Keep up the good work! When politics is taken out of the hands of ‘the proletariat’ and people like this Hoekstra of yours is profiteering from this whole climate of fear, the power needs to be taken back by any means necessary, and the internet is just as powerful a weapon as any nuke in this day and age. Hope that fascist gets whats coming to him!

Also, trying to ‘out’ you is very low. Looks like your politicians are just as big a bunch of crooks as ours…

Much peace & love from across the pond,


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