Former Massachusetts Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has endorsed Pete Hoekstra in Michigan’s gubernatorial race.

Is this because Mitt Romney thinks Pete Hoekstra is really the most qualified candidate? Absolutely, unequivocally not. Hoekstra was an early supporter of Romney’s Presidential bid, so the son of former Michigan Governor George Romney, is returning the favor.

It’s simply quid pro quo.

Yep, this is politics as usual, and yet another example of what happens when people have been around too long. Pete’s racked up some favors in his 18 years in D.C. and he’s cashing them in!

We shouldn’t really expect more out of Mitt, either. Here’s a great clip of him pandering to the “pro-gun” lobby in 2007, by talking about “hunting varmints”.

Romney was the best Presidential candidate on the Republican side in 2008, and I was very disappointed that his handlers moved him away from the strong, competent, reasonable Republican who successfully won in a very Democratic state (Massachusetts). People saw through his phoniness and went with the “straight shooting” John McCain, who fell victim to the same bad advice by nominating vastly under-qualified Sarah Palin as his VP and paving the way for Obama’s comfortable victory.

Pete Hoekstra is going to lose, and Michigan voters should remember Mitt Romney’s endorsement when the 2012 Presidential primaries come rolling along.

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