Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has what Robin Williams’s character in Dead Poets Society would call a “rather unfortunate name”. And Cox is taking “rather unfortunate positions” these days, most notably with his ridiculous threats of challenging the constitutionality of the recent health insurance legislation, and now in attacking Pete Hoekstra for voting on the 2008 Troubled Asset Relief Program — better known as TARP.

Now, I have a lot of problems with Pete Hoekstra — he’s NOT the guy for the job — but I’ll defend him on this point: he had no choice but to vote in favor of the “bailout” bill. Anyone critical of this vote — and those of everyone else who voted for TARP — doesn’t comprehend what would have happened had he NOT voted for it. The world was on the brink of financial collapse, and if not for the actions of the government and Federal Reserve, we just might have tipped over that edge.

End of discussion.

As for Cox’s claims regarding the health care bill, Ronald Reagan’s former Solicitor General — the person appointed to represent the US Government before the Supreme Court — Charles Fried said on This Week, “Anybody who proposes something like this is either ignorant — I mean, deeply ignorant — or just grandstanding in a preposterous way. It is simply a political ploy and a pathetic one at that.”

He also said he would, “eat a hat” on air if it’s found unconstitutional.

If you recall, Cox hosted an event to celebrate Ronald Reagan’s birthday — a pathetic attempt to associate himself with Reagan and promoted using unlicensed music from the Black Eyed Peas, in my opinion. Yet Reagan’s own Solicitor General calls people like Cox out for being “ignorant”.

So there you have it.

No on Pete.

No on Cox.

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