Rick Snyder has a lot of things going for him in the upcoming Gubernatorial election.

He’s a successful businessman, and is the only candidate with serious credentials on “creating jobs”.

And he’s not a politician in a time when distrust in government is at record levels.

So I’d think he’d want to highlight the differences between himself and Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, Attorney General Mike Cox, U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra and state Sen. Tom George at any opportunity.

Instead, Snyder announced today he’s going to skip the upcoming two debates sponsored by the Michigan Republican Party.

Snyder told WJR-AM’s Frank Beckmann that staged debates focus too much on “sound bite fireworks” with “too little time to answer questions.”

Snyder appeared in a GOP-sponsored television dabate on April 21, and says he’s participated in more than a dozen candidate forums and will attend 50+ town hall sessions around the state “where I am talking to real people, letting them ask the questions they want to ask and giving real answers.”

He added, “To be blunt I am putting substance over sound bites. I’ve done the sound bites, I’ve done a dozen or so off these debates but let’s talk substance with real people.”

Snyder faces the challenge of relatively low name recognition, especially compared to Cox and Hoekstra, and with those two going after each other, it seems as though there’s an opportunity to stand out.

It’s an interesting campaign strategy. We’ll see how it plays out.

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