Whether you like him or not, President Obama has a full plate. Today, for example, he fired General Stanley McChrystal, who’s been presiding over the US military efforts in Afghanistan, for insubordination, (among other things; See the Rolling Stones article here).

But important matters of national security don’t stop Pete Hoekstra from grandstanding and partisan politics.

According to Jim Harger’s article in The Grand Rapids Press/MLive.com, Hoekstra said, “The (Obama) administration has been dragging its feet instead of taking bold decisive action to stop the invasion of the Asian carp. For far too long the effort has been reactive as opposed to proactive.”

Here’s a small list of topics that are clearly more important than the Asian carp matter:

1. Afghanistan
2. BP/oil spill clean-up
3. The Economy
4. Jobs and Unemployment
5. Israel/Palestinian relations
6. Iraq
7. Iran
8. North Korea
9. Mid-term elections
10. World Cup soccer

Number 10 is written in jest, but even President Bill Clinton has World Cup fever!

More than ever, Michigan needs a Governor who can provide sound leadership.

We need someone who understands when it’s time to fight and when one should set personal issues aside and pull on the rope with others.

Michigan needs a leader who can disagree with the other side, but work effectively to solve problems.

We need someone with good judgment, competence, and intelligence.

Pete Hoekstra is not that man.

Again and again, he’s proven it.

Michigan can, and must, do better!

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