President Obama, in Holland for an event celebrating the groundbreaking for a new battery plant, alluded to Pete Hoekstra’s front-row seat at the ribbon-cutting ceremony despite his “NO” vote on the stimulus package that enabled LG Chem to build the plant in the first place.

Hoekstra’s ego was bruised, and he went to Twitter to comment on Obama’s “diss”:

Pete Hoekstra Rooting For Failure

Pete’s consistently a critic, but you rarely see him on the front lines championing substantive solutions to some of the problems facing our country or his state.

But we sure see a lot of him on Fox News.

Spewing hot air does not lead to job creation.

Hoekstra told reporters he would have preferred to spend money on lower taxes rather than subsidies for new factories.

Pete Hoekstra does not know anything about running a business or creating jobs. He’s got a track record of dyed-in-the-wool partisanship, and his solution to everything is “lowering taxes”.

Nobody likes paying taxes, but that’s not a strategy, it’s pandering for votes.

Don’t mistake Hoekstra’s ability to manufacture media attention as a key skill in economic recovery.

Don’t let him become Michigan’s next Governor.

The state can, and must, do better.

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