In an incredibly poor display of judgment, the Grand Rapids Press and Detroit Free Press, both endorsed Pete Hoekstra on Sunday, according to Crain’s Detroit Business, as their choice on the GOP side. Both papers took Andy Dillon on the Democratic ticket.

The members of these editorial boards ought to be ashamed of themselves for giving Michigan voters the message that a partisan, polarizing, career politician will reinvigorate the state.

I’m absolutely revolted by their lack of foresight and judgment, and urge you to show you own displeasure by canceling your subscription(s).

Pete Hoekstra ran for Congress with the promise of limiting the number of terms he’d serve to six, and that he’d never accept Political Action Committee (PAC) money.

He did not leave office in 2004, as promised, and has taken money from and set up his own PACs.

If he didn’t do what he ran on as a Congressman, how will he as a Governor?

Hopefully, voters will not come to the same misguided conclusion on August 3. Pete Hoekstra brings no fresh perspective, has no new ideas, and cannot constructively work in a bi-partisan environment. He’s an ideological zealot looking to represent a state with deep diversity.

Michigan desperately needs new leadership and vision.

It’s more important than ever that Pete Hoekstra not get your vote on August 3.

If you wish to cancel your subscription:

Grand Rapids Press Customer Service: (616) 222-5411 or 1-800-878-1411

Detroit Free Press Billing: 1-800-395-3300

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