Great editorial on NothernExpress by Robert Downes on why Rick Snyder deserves your vote on August 3.

Downes covers a lot of the points we’ve discussed here on Here’s the most compelling argument:

“Snyder has qualities that appeal to both Republicans and Democrats, while maintaining credibility as an independent outsider.

The venture capitalist from Ann Arbor also has top credentials in business at a time when Michigan could use some expertise in the jobs department.

That’s not the case with his closest opponents, Mike Cox and Pete Hoekstra, who are courting the tea party vote in hopes of winning the primary.

Cox and Hoekstra represent more of the same in Lansing: stagnation, bickering and a lack of imagination needed to move Michigan forward. Cox, because he’s part of the same partisan apparatus that paralyzed our state throughout the Granholm years. Hoekstra, because as his finger-pointing, lecturing commercials suggest, he generally plays the political blame game; adept at complaining about the Obama administration, but unlikely to get much done for Michigan.”

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