Pete Hoekstra sent an email to his list today encouraging folks that by voting for him, they were “Sending Obama a Message”.

This logic is flawed and misguided on numerous levels.

First and foremost, Michigan’s sorry economic state has nothing to do with President Obama. Some Republicans are tired of the “blame it on Bush” mantra, but while Pete Hoekstra was back-slapping President George W. Bush at every opportunity, we went to war with the wrong country (Iraq) — and sorry, Pete, there were no WMDs — we took our eye off the ball on Afghanistan, and the entire world fell into a deep economic tailspin. When you talk to folks outside of the fringe, they categorically state Obama inherited most of the mess from his predecessor. And Hoekstra was as big a Bush cheerleader as there was.

Secondly, the only message voting for Pete sends is that Michigan wants to elect a guy who doesn’t like the current President, and goes out of his way to bash him.

Sure Obama knocked Pete for voting against the stimulus but coming to the ribbon cutting….But that was after $151MM of Federal dollars came into Western Michigan.

Can anyone reasonably state that Michigan would be better off without this new battery plant coming to town?

But whether you like Obama or not isn’t the issue. He’s still the President of the United States for at least two more years, and there’s absolutely no reason to hire a guy who won’t be able to have a decent working relationship with the White House.

It’s like talking trash after beating LeBron James or Kobe Bryant….It’s a short-term strategy because ultimately, they’re going to get even.

Michigan needs a Governor who can work with President Obama and other Democrats, as well as fellow Republicans. Someone who can unite people from different parts of the state and all walks of life.

Pete Hoekstra is not that guy.

Michigan can, and must, do better.

In supporting Rick Snyder, voters truly have an opportunity to vote for someone who can help re-invent Michigan!

I have a little different spin on Hoekstra’s message. What he should say is, “If you support George W. Bush and want to send a message that he was a great President, vote for me!”

Send Obama a message

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