Attorney General Mike Cox has thought of himself in the driver’s seat for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, but that lead has slipped away as upstart Rick Snyder, who began the race with virtually zero name recognition, has taken the lead in the recent EPIC-MRA poll.

So Cox is going negative. And he’s looking desperate.

Cox and his supporters are behind a new negative attack that launched on Friday hitting Snyder and US Representative Pete Hoekstra with various charges.

I’ve found Cox’s campaign to be disgustingly pandering — from trying to associate himself with Ronald Reagan by “celebrating Reagan’s birthday” back in February, to his hawkish TV ads focused on his pro-Life and pro-Arizona immigration law, two issues which have absolutely nothing to do with creating jobs and revitalizing the economy in Michigan.

Cox assumes the only people who will come out to vote on August 3 are Republicans in hard-core right, so he’s kissing up to these folks.

And his playbook is heavily negative.

Cox comes across as a mean-spirited, angry man with a serious chip on his shoulder.

He absolutely will not inspire Michigan residents at this time of crisis.

I have the same feelings about Mike Cox as I do about Pete Hoekstra: Michigan can, and must, do better!

A solutions-minded individual like Rick Snyder, who’s positive and optimistic as well as a proven business success, is the right way to go!

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