I’ve already commented once about Pete Hoekstra’s email on Friday 7/30 encouraging his supporters to “send Obama a message” by voting for him, but I have some additional thoughts…

To refresh your memory, Hoekstra says President Obama came to Pete’s backyard to try and stop him from becoming governor.

There are two possibilities about this statement, and both are actually arguments AGAINST a vote for Pete.

Let’s think about this for a minute…

Hoekstra says the President came to Holland in order to thwart his election bid. This reminds me of personalities who have an “it’s all about me” outlook on life. They’re the types who react “were you talkin’ to me?” to someone who in fact wasn’t, and end up in extra, unnecessary and completely unproductive conflicts.

Who needs a governor like that?

How is that going to help Michigan?

Now let’s consider, what if Pete actually was correct?

If that’s actually the case, somehow along the way, Hoekstra has so irritated President of the United States, that Obama took the trouble to schedule an unprecedented Presidential trip to Holland, Michigan, just to “diss” Pete and obstruct his campaign.

What does that say about Pete’s history and prospects for “reaching across the aisle” to solve problems?

Who needs a governor who has a personal animosity with the most powerful man in the world?

I know Pete likes to say we can fix our economy without government help.

Perhaps Pete is simply trying to make SURE that if he is elected, Michigan will indeed NOT GET ANY (or very little) governmental assistance.

Thanks, but no thanks, Pete.

We need all the help we can get!

Michigan can, and must, do better.


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