On Sunday, August 1, in one of the final emails before the election to his supporters, Pete Hoekstra encouraged them to “Help (him) Finish Strong” and invited them to attend two “very special conference calls” they will be hosting — from Dr. James Dobson, Founder of Focus on the Family, and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota), who leads the House Tea Party Caucus.

So Pete’s last hurrah is sending two wingnut, fringe extremists — two folks whose messages, under the guise of “family values”, consistently have undercurrents of discrimination and hate – to speak on his behalf.

These two are very, very bad people.

And it says a lot about Pete Hoekstra.

There is nothing inclusive about James Dobson and Michele Bachmann.

It’s their way or the highway, and you’re not welcome if you happen to be a person of color, or are gay, or aren’t Christian, or if you have a child without being married, or if you, or perhaps your parents happened to enter the US illegally, looking only to better your or your family’s lives.

I try to be respectful, but I draw a line with intolerant, hate-mongering bigots.

And that’s who Pete Hoekstra has chosen to speak on his behalf, just hours before the election.

These two folks are very far out of lockstep with most Americans, but Hoekstra has so little respect for the people in Michigan that he thinks the key to victory on Tuesday is pandering to the lunatic fringe.

Man, I hope he’s wrong.

Michigan can, and must, do better!

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