I’ve poured a lot of time into this blog over the past 7+ months.

I’ve enjoyed the hundreds of hours spent reading, researching, writing, and responding to the scores of emails, comments and other inquiries.

And today, Tuesday, August 3, is Election Day.

The Republican race is truly “too close to call” between three candidates, Attorney General Mike Cox, US Representative Pete Hoekstra, and Ann Arbor businessman, Rick Snyder.

I’ve given you plenty of reasons to NOT vote for Pete Hoekstra. From the fact that he’s a career politician — he’s been in Washington DC for 18 years (after promising to serve no more than 12) — to his divisive, polarizing style, I’ve clearly articulated why Michigan can, and must, do better.

I’ve also given extensive background on why Cox isn’t the right guy, either. His campaign has been primarily negative and attacking candidates, and he attempts to pander to the hard-core right wing of Republican voters with his pro-Life, anti-immigration message — two issues that have absolutely nothing to do with fixing Michigan’s economy, creating jobs, and bringing confidence and optimism back to the state.

But my endorsement for Rick Snyder isn’t based on a “process of elimination”. It’s because Michigan has a unique opportunity to elect someone with extensive, relevant business experience, who isn’t bought and paid for by special interests, and has deep personal ties and a love of the State of Michigan.

Rick Snyder is the right man for the job, and he deserves your vote.

My rationale is very simple:

Michigan’s economy is among the worst in the nation.

And many of the jobs that we’ve lost aren’t the type that will simply come back as the economy recovers. Many of these jobs are gone for good.

Rick Snyder correctly asserts that Michigan needs to “re-invent” itself. And he’s put up a tremendous amount of his own money to get his message out.

For some cynics, he’s a “rich guy trying to buy an election”.

Yep, he’s wealthy.

Good for him for achieving “the American Dream”!

We should celebrate Snyder for his success and thank him for raising his hand to offer assistance.

If there were more Rick Snyder’s involved in politics, chances are we wouldn’t be in such a mess.

But the process is ugly. It’s invasive. It’s nasty. Some of the best, most qualified folks don’t run for office because they don’t want the aggravation associated with political campaigns.

I’m sure there are lots of things more fun for Rick Snyder to do with his time than canvassing the state, going from town hall meetings to other functions, giving similar speeches hundreds of times and answering similar questions by thousands of people.

But he did it, because he loves Michigan and wants to give back.

So I’m asking that you please give Rick Snyder the chance.

Thanks for following this blog.


Ben Padnos

P.S. On the Democratic side, if you don’t want to cross over and vote for Rick Snyder on the Republican ballot, I urge you to vote for Andy Dillon.

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