Leah Bechmann, an Editor @ Gawker is out with a piece on Hoekstra’s “racist” Super Bowl television commercial. Her take:

“The ad is insensitive, racist, xenophobic, and fundamentally incorrect in every way. It is offensive for so many reasons, but perhaps it is just the sheer dumbness of it that offends me the most. Pete Spend It Not? Get your head in the game, Pete. What does that even mean? It means that you should think about who you pay to helm your ad campaigns before you can even begin to discuss others’ spending. Also, we’re pretty sure you are racist now.”

Bechmann’s parting shot: “I hope Ricky Gervais comes to Pete Hoekstra’s house, knocks on his door, thrusts him from the cover of his Midwestern comfort zone and forces him to experience the horrors of strange and foreign lands at the cost of his own dignity and humiliation.”

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