David Catanese of Politico.com reports Pete Hoekstra defended his controversial Super Bowl ad saying it has yielded an “overwhelmingly positive response.”

Pete’s not telling the truth.

Or he’s delusional.

Probably a little bit of both.

Speaking on a conference call Monday morning, Hoesktra said, “We knew we were taking an aggressive approach on this, but this is a time when the people of Michigan and across the country are fed up with the spending. It hits Debbie smack dab between the eyes where she is vulnerable with the voters of Michigan.  I’m excited  . . . it has jump started the debate.”

The backlash is spiraling out of control…Pete’s just too stubborn to admit he made a mistake and apologize. Take a look at a search for “Pete Hoekstra” on Twitter. Does this look “overwhelmingly positive” to you?

Negative comments are flowing in to PeteHoekstra.com. In fact, we’ve yet to receive one positive or supportive note. Below is a round-up of comments we’ve received so far today:

Do they have any idea how ads like this perpetuate racist stereotypes? I have two Chinese-American daughters who have to listen to endless comments and remarks about coming to America to ‘steal’ jobs. It’s unbelievable…”

“As a Republican voter and an uncle of Asian American young adult, I highly find your Super Bowl add a disgracefully insensitive to voting Asian-American people. I applaud your desire to keep spending here at home. But your lack of apology is very inappropriate. I will not be voting for you at all and will encourage other Republicans to not too vote for you, Sir. So open your EYES and see how you have offended many voters!”

“What a Racist commercial.  Who was the brains behind saying this was a good idea?  What next, are you going to throw one of us native Americans on the TV with a tear running down our eye?  Stay classy.”

“Republican, Democrat, and all political issues aside, as an adoptive parent of a Chinese child, I take a lot of offense at Hoekstra’s commercial. How stereotypical do you need to be? Chinese woman speaking broken English in the rice patties? Nice anti-Chinese ad campaign. Do not believe me? In a melting pot of a country he is fueling hate crimes against Chinese Americans. Too afraid to target Mexico or other countries? I hope you lose your Senate bid and never show your face in politics again. For the most part I am Republican but I will push this as far as I can for insulting my family’s heritage. Prepare for the e-mail bombs.”

“What a fool! If you think this kind of nasty message is going to ever help you get into Congress your just as much out of touch as Mitt Romney…Where is you brain, man??? Out there in that rice field??? You won’t ever get our vote. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Your not the solution or answer your the problem…”

“When I saw your ad run on the Today Show this  morning, I couldn’t believe it. I re-wound to be sure I heard correctly.  How could your people let this ad run?  It is the most politically incorrect talk I have heard in a long time.”

“Really?  I have an Asian daughter and I am so thankful that she has moved to Minneapolis and hopefully will not hear this ad.  We have worked so hard to help her get past stereotyping.  This indicates to me that  you are completely out of touch with anyone who isn’t white, wealthy, West michigan.  I couldn’t be more appalled and disappointed.”

“The sign off at end of the Super Bowl stupid racist ad should be ‘I’ m Pete Hoekstra and I’m a moron.’ Keep up the good work. “

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