Pete Hoekstra is under the delusion that the feedback on his Super Bowl television commercial is “overwhelmingly positive.”

While the censoring continues on his Facebook wall — Hoekstra’s staff is purging negative comments as quickly as they come in — we took a snapshot of some comments over the past 24 hours on a different Hoekstra Facebook page.

Folks, we are watching the sad demise of a man’s political career in real-time.

As far as we’re concerned, it couldn’t happen soon enough!

Pete, do you really want to continue standing behind this commercial? The heat’s gotta be getting to you…The “support” you spoke of this morning FLAT-OUT DOES NOT EXIST!

Overwhelmingly Positive - 1

Overwhelmingly Positive - 2

Overwhelmingly Positive - 3

Overwhelmingly Positive - 4

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