Pete Hoekstra went to the friendly confines of FoxNews to defend his racially-charged Super Bowl ad this afternoon. In his interview with Megyn Kelly (embedded below), he stated, “There’s nothing in here that has a racial tint at all.”

The general public vehemently disagrees.

Thousands of negative comments have been posted on Twitter and Facebook as the story continues to gain steam. Twitter gives a more accurate depiction of the outrage as Hoekstra’s team is actively censoring the comments on Facebook. (Apparently, Pete takes cues from China on some aspects of governing.) Meanwhile, various Republicans are denouncing the ad.

One commenter on TalkingPointsMemo summarized it perfectly, “Just because you completely believe the stereotype, doesn’t mean it’s not a stereotype. It just mean’s you’re racist.”

What’s amazing to us @ is that Hoekstra appears to think this is all going to blow over. There’s no chance of that…he’s going to have to apologize eventually, and the more he digs in his heels, the more bigoted and out of touch he looks.

Part of Pete’s selling point in his campaign is that he’s learned from his 18 years of experience in the U.S. Congress.

Clearly he hasn’t.

Michigan can, and must, do better.

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