The negative comments about Hoekstra’s ad keep flowing in to We finally saw our first couple of emails of support, but it’s at least 10:1 negative-to-positive. Some of our favorites are below:

The most compelling email of all came from “A very sad world citizen,” who, like Pete, is of Dutch decent. He wrote:
“I am from the Netherlands, and I saw the add that was aired during the Super Bowl. I would just like to say, I am SO EMBARRASSED BY THIS! Oh I can’t word my frustration about this….That Americans are racists and ignorant, we know this. But YOU, you should know better….You disgust me and embarrassed our country….Must be your religious views that made you an American…at least change your name so you only embarrass the US.”

An ad industry executive chimed in with some suggestions on the creative execution:
“I own an ad agency. Why oh why would you use a cute Chinese girl in the countryside as the spokesperson for a corrupt China government? How much better it would have been to have used a Chinese “fat cat” sitting in a smokey office in the middle of urban China!? It’s too late now…Perhaps the ad is working the way you want. If not, fire your ad agency!”

“Outrageous ad, Pete. You are a reactionary, fear-mongering racist. People like you are shameful and your own GOP seems to agree. Really dumb, dude!”

“Mr. Hoekstra, You are an incredibly disgusting individual!”

“You are so wrong. the problem with jobs leaving America began as a part of business embraced by Republicans.”

This viewer kept it short and sweet:
“Ad shows very poor taste!”

And these people didn’t mince words:

“To put bluntly you’re a f***ing a**hole. You are part of the cancer in America. You’re lower than whale sh** and that’s on the bottom of the ocean.”

“F*** YOU! You miserable f***ing racist a**hole!

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