(Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to publish this “Guest Post” submitted by a loyal reader of PeteHoekstra.com who’s been following us since the site first launched more than 2 years ago.)

As if Michigan’s economy hasn’t taken enough beatings, on Super Bowl Sunday it was stabbed in the back by two purported supporters.

The Chrysler television ad featuring Clint Eastwood and trumpeting the alleged comeback of Detroit, was full of gritty Motor City imagery. This pairing was somewhat logical, as Eastwood’s 2008 film Gran Torino was actually shot it Detroit. Alas, Chrysler didn’t take advantage of the talent in the home state’s burgeoning film industry in making the ad. It was shot in … New Orleans and Los Angeles.

Then there is Peter Hoekstra’s already infamous Super Bowl ad, complete with rice paddies and broken English. Sure, it’s crude, juvenile, jingoistic and racist, but hey, Michigan needs jobs, and surely there are folks in the Great Lakes State willing do do the dirty work. Too bad for them. Hoekstra, who represented Michigan for 18 years in the House of Representatives and in 2010 wanted to be its governor, outsourced the work to a California firm, Strategic Perception Inc.

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