So much for “overwhelmingly positive!”…

“Your Superbowl Sunday ad was tasteless and racist. What a moron that you are.”

“Your Superbowl ad displays your ignorance and bigotry.  At what point does the US own up to their own shortcomings?  Why not attack the companies who manipulate Chinese labor, etc…and you have CEOs making hundreds of millions, etc…Are you going to blame banks for lending cash strapped consumers money? Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.  I would be motivated to get into politics so that you never win a seat in office, and then have you work for me as a dishwasher in a Chinese restaurant.”

“I’m a patriotic, Vietnam-era ex-USMC sergeant and you’re a low, fabricating piece of s**t, Repooplican corporations shipped jobs overseas, and now you’re blaming a Democrat. You need a serious ass-kicking and I volunteer.”

“You are such an idiot racist for running that ad about the woman with a fake Chinese accent.  It is people like people like you who don’t solve problems but only point fingers accusing those who can’t fight back.”

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