The Editorial Board of Central Michigan Life is out with an Editorial this morning calling for Pete Hoekstra to end his Senate campaign. “There is no acceptable move Hoekstra can make other than to withdraw from running for the nomination,” the Board writes.”Instead of trotting out evasive half-apologies or jingoistic defenses, it’s time for Hoekstra to step aside and allow the process to continue without him. He has done more than enough already.”

Looks like we here at have similar opinions as the CM-Life Editorial Board:

“Hoekstra may actually believe both the content and strategy of the ad are acceptable and see no problem with them, in which case he has no business running or holding any elected office. The only other alternative is that he was unaware of the extent of the ad’s racial bias and stereotyping, that he gave into the pressure of a cut-throat campaign team, which demonstrates he lacks the spine and foresight a U.S. senator should reflexively display.”

Read the entire Editorial @

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