(Editor’s Note: Here’s some follow-up commentary from our Guest Contributor.)

You’re not truly a politician until you’re swathed in cynicism and hypocrisy. The first count against Peter Hoekstra and his, at best, borderline racist Super Bowl ad has been well documented. A closer looks also find that he closes the circle to complete the hypocrisy charge as well.

Former U.S. Rep. Hoekstra accuses the state of Michigan’s highest-ranking social worker, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, of sending money and jobs to China. Hoekstra knows all about funneling tax payers’ dollars to foreign entities. In 2008 Hoekstra, the “spendthrift conservative,” voted in favor of TARP, the $700-billion banker bailout. Who were the largest beneficiaries of the Federal Reserves’ purchase of mortgage backed securities? Two Europoean entities, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse. On the domestic front, even Caterpillar got its hand in the till. In Hoekstra’s last Congressional election cycle, in 2008, Caterpillar was one of the corporations that maxed out its donations to his campaign at $10,000.

Now, a cynical, jingoistic type might wonder, why was Hoekstra so keen on sending American dollars to foreign entities? Could it be because … he’s not a natural-born citizen? Could this Dutch-born politician really be a stealth Euro socialist?

Quick, someone notify the birthers!

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