Over at Uproxx.com, Dan Seitz joked that NBC’s Saturday Night Live previously ran a sketch starring Rob Schneider that may have been the inspiration for Pete Hoekstra’s Super Bowl ad. “Here’s the same ad, only two decades ago and starring Rob Schneider as a Mexican,” Seitz wrote.

Seitz concludes: “Guys, when Rob Schneider beats you to your ad by two decades, it’s time to get into a new line of business. Maybe ditch-digging?”

By the way, the key distinction here is that SNL was using political satire and Pete Hoekstra’s 30-second spot was an intentional attempt to raise awareness for his campaign and insult his opponent. SNL was being intentionally offensive — that’s what they do — yet Hoekstra claims “There’s nothing in here that has a racial tint at all.”

Michigan can, and must, do better.

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