WashingtonPost foreign correspondent Keith Richburg reports, “The now-infamous Super Bowl ad by Michigan senate candidate Pete Hoekstra has attracted as much curiosity as outright criticism here in China, the intended ‘subject’ of the ad.”

Richburg says the popular Web site Shanghaiist called the ad “creepy” and “racist,”and he points out something we’ve been thinking the whole time: “a supposedly Chinese woman peddling a bicycle with what looks like a Vietnamese cone-shaped hat, in a lush green rice field that more resembled Vietnam’s Mekong Delta paddies than anything in modern China.”

In other words, not only is Hoekstra showing ignorance with respect to racial and culture sensitivities, but geographical ignorance as well.

But they all look the same, right Pete?

Michigan can, and must, do better.

[Read "Pete Hoekstra’s ad raises ire in China — and a sense of deja vu" at WashingtonPost.com]

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