Public Outcry 1, Pete Hoekstra 0.

In a matter of roughly 72 hours, Pants-on-Fire Pete Hoekstra went from calling his “Debbie Spend-it-Now” Super Bowl ad “overwhelmingly positive” to replacing the racially-charged commercial with a new, non-culturally insensitive ad and pulling down the site entirely. Visitors who go to are automatically redirected to

Note there’s been no press release, no public comment, no apology, no communication whatsoever about pulling the offensive advertisement.

That’s what politicians do. They sweep things under the rug hoping they’ll blow over.

Leaders lead.

Leaders are courageous.

Leaders don’t play to our worst instincts.

They resist temptation to take the low road, even if it’s the politically expedient move.

And when leaders make a mistake, they admit it, and say “I’m sorry.”

Pete Hoesktra, you are not a leader.

And we at are committed to making sure everyone understands this.

Michigan can, and must, do better.

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