(Editor’s Note: Another guest post from our long-time reader and new PeteHoekstra.com contributor.)

With Rick Santorum’s caucus and primary victories in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri, we’re reminded of one of Pete Hoekstra’s “greatest hits,” back when he was chair of the House intelligence committee. It was in June, 2006 that the senator from Pennsylvania Santorum and congressman from Michigan Hoekstra were proud to announce that yes, finally, “weapons of mass destruction” were found in Iraq! The Bush administration wasn’t made up of lying war-mongers after all. Ah, sweet vindication.

Well, they found something alright. But it wasn’t a cache of weapons poised to destroy the United States. According to the Washington Post:

“The lawmakers pointed to an unclassified summary from a report by the National Ground Intelligence Center regarding 500 chemical munitions shells that had been buried near the Iranian border, and then long forgotten, by Iraqi troops during their eight-year war with Iran, which ended in 1988.

“The U.S. military announced in 2004 in Iraq that several crates of the old shells had been uncovered and that they contained a blister agent that was no longer active. Neither the military nor the White House nor the CIA considered the shells to be evidence of what was alleged by the Bush administration to be a current Iraqi program to make chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

“Last night, intelligence officials reaffirmed that the shells were old and were not the suspected weapons of mass destruction sought in Iraq after the 2003 invasion.”

Five hundred impotent old shells. 4,484 United States military dead. Over a half-million Iraqi dead. Pete Hoekstra, back safe in Washington, forked lying tongue, bloodied hands.

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